Biomedical Image Analysis with Fiji

January 2024


Biological sciences often use imaging data from fluorescence microscopy to visualize biological processes in unprecedented detail. However, assessment of the data often still relies on individual visual assessment rather than objective quantification. Thus, image analysis pipelines are required to allow data assessment in data in 3D+ to allow robust, scalable, and meaningful data analysis.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understanding Data: 3D data understanding and analysis of optical fluorescence microscopy.
  2. Image Analysis: Common image analysis steps such as data understanding, image enhancement, segmentation, and quantification.
  3. Hands-on: Using hands-on exercises will provide the attendees with a broader understanding of quantitative image analysis.
  4. Long-term: Using reflection after each step of the tutorial, attendees will be able to assess the importance and generalization of the learning material.



Exhibition Nov2023 - Jan 2024

Science and art are often considered separate disciplines. However, more than ever, science and art are combined to communicate, connect, and inspire.

We are really excited to invite you to our science art exhibition!

  • Nov 2023 - Jan 2024
  • Hofinger BilderRahmen Tirol, Bahnhof Umgebung 17a, 6170 Zirl, Austria
  • Free Entry | No tickets required

The Opening Night was a Huge Success 

The science art opening night popped with champagne and intellect as guests dived into the fusion of art and science. A brief talk set the stage for the visually stunning masterpieces, and guests mingled with artists, savouring both visual and culinary delights.

Over two thrilling nights, nearly a hundred enthusiasts celebrated the synergy of BilderRahmen Hofinger, Kugler, and Zeeks. A heartfelt shout-out to these teams and families for making it an unforgettable night where science met art in a dazzling display of creativity. Cheers to an evening where champagne bubbles mingled with scientific wonders, leaving a lasting impression on all who joined in the revelry!



Read more about the science art exhibition in the blog post "Unveiling the Unseen".