Science Communication

Our Zeeks experts in science communication can help you distilling complex concepts into easily understandable language, using relatable analogies and storytelling techniques. We have experience in navigating through the vast amount of information, fact-checking and synthesizing it to provide accurate and reliable content. By tailoring the communication approach to the target audience, an expert can enhance engagement, build trust, and promote scientific literacy, fostering a more informed society.

  • (i) Documentation and Dissemination

    • scientific and technical manuscripts
    • talks and keynotes
    • white papers
  • (ii) Dissemination 

    • content creation & copy
    • social media and branding support
    • slide-decks
  • (iii) Marcom

    • blogs
    • brochures, application notes, and collaterals
    • web content copy

Scientific Event Support

We are excited to be supporting this Bioimage Analysis Symposium by the Physics of Life (PoL) of TU Dresden with science communication and digital content.

Infos and registration:

ibidi GmbH Blog

Endothelial cells (ECs) are one of our favourite cell types at Zeeks! If you want to read more about how they can be studied, and why studying them in vitro is a smart move, make sure to read the latest ibidi GmbH blog.

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