Biomedical Image Analysis

Biomedical image analysis is a highly complex field with several pain points, including image data load, preprocessing challenges, segmentation and feature extraction difficulties, algorithm selection, and the clinical relevance of the analysis. To overcome these hurdles and ensure accurate and meaningful results, having an expert in biomedical image analysis on board is invaluable.

Our Zeeks expertise can lead to faster and more accurate results, improved diagnoses and personalized treatments, and advancements in medical research and healthcare.

  • (i) Microscopy Data Acquisition Consulting

    • project assessment and refinement
    • sample preparation
    • experimental design support
  • (ii) Data Analysis Support

    • project-based data consultancy
    • bespoke analysis workflows
    • customized code​, documentation, sharing
    • data analysis and interpretation
  • (iii) Teaching Data Analysis Proficiency 

    • data visualization and analysis
    • non-/digital content creation
    • tailored courses, teaching, and training