We provide consulting and freelance services in specific key areas:

Data Division: Microscopy Acquisition, Data Analysis, and Teaching Data Analysis Proficiency.

Communication Division: Documentation and Dissemination, Data Visualization, and Science Art.

Zeeks - Data Division

Microscopy Data Acquisition, Data Analysis Support, and Teaching Data Analysis Proficiency.

Our core aim is to add value to your business by tailoring bespoke workflows that fit any project. We offer unique expertise, industry knowledge and can adapt our scientific approach to suit your requirements.

  • (i) Microscopy Data Acquisition Consulting

    • project assessment and refinement
    • sample preparation
    • experimental design support
  • (ii) Data Analysis Support

    • project-based data consultancy
    • bespoke analysis workflows
    • customized code​, documentation, sharing
    • data analysis and interpretation
  • (iii) Teaching Data Analysis Proficiency 

    • data visualization and analysis
    • non-/digital content creation
    • tailored courses, teaching, and training

Software and Programming Languages

Data analysis: CellProfiler – GitHub – Fiji/ImageJ – Fiji/ImageJ Macro language – MATLAB – Python – TensorFlow – VS Code

Data presentation: GraphPad Prism – Gimp – Inkscape – Slide Decks

Data dissemination: Google Drive Suite – HTML – LaTeX – Microsoft Office Suite

Zeeks - Communication Division

Documentation and Dissemination, Data Visualization, and Science Art.

  • (i) Documentation and Dissemination

    • content creation (web content, blogging, social media, ..)
    • social media and branding support
    • scientific, print, and technical manuscripts and publications
    • talks and keynotes
    • slide-decks
    • white papers and key documents
  • (ii) (Data) Visualization

    • graphic design and content creation
    • processing of 3D+ data
    • Roll-ups, banners, logos, icons
    • commissions
  • (iii) Science Art

    • talks and panel discussions
    • (scientific) illustration
    • commissions

Our Clients