• Zeeks is passionate about science and art.

    Data division: Microscopy Data Acquisition, Data Analysis Support, and Teaching Data Analysis Proficiency.

    Data communication division: Documentation and Dissemination, Data Visualization, and Science Art.

  • Science Art Products

    Using cutting edge scientific research techniques, we present a unique insight into modern science. We have created collectable contemporary and modern science art, fashion, and accessories that will suit any setting.

    Canvas Prints - Shirts - Mugs 

Our Process

Step (i) Using the latest technology, we capture microscopic images of cells during real and important scientific research. Step (ii) We use bespoke image processing tools to turn these scientific data and images into beautiful pieces of art. Step (iii) These art pieces are then shared with you, as high-quality canvas prints, fashion pieces, and accessories.

Featured Items

"[..] an image is not only what we see, but also what we feel. This holds true across all ages, backgrounds and knowledge, making visual media invaluable to communicate research and engage with the public."

Dr. Elisabeth Kugler

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