Our Team

Our Artists

Elisabeth Kugler

Dr. Elisabeth Kugler is a scientist who has worked internationally with image-based data for several years. She has always been enthralled by science and art (read more: here). The artwork available has been exhibited, shown on prestigious scientific journal covers, community websites, research centres, and on social media.


Marco Garbelli

Marco Garbelli is a doctoral candidate working in neurobiology at the University of Zurich. Here, he studies colour vision and visual processing in the zebrafish retina, specializing in the development of behavioural assays. Always an artist on the side, during his PhD he discovered a passion for the visual side of science communication. For almost two years, Marco has been working as a graphic designer and illustrator for the science communication project called Facts and Reasons. He is currently finishing his PhD and establishing himself in the science visualization field (Linktree).


Our Collaborators

Hofinger BilderRahmen Tirol - Canvas and Frame Manufacturer

The manufacturer Hofinger BilderRahmen Tirol is one of Austria's biggest picture frame manufacturers and is also host to the Austrian frame museum. Founded in 1973, Zeeks customers can rely on the expertise and knowledge from generations around all things art, frames, restoration, and gilding. 


The Science Talk - Science Outreach and Communication

The Science Talk is an initiative to empower and enable scientists to tell their stories through podcasts, videos, blogs and other formats. #42Questions, #InOtherWords, #MyFirstScience #ListenUp and #UndertheMicroscope are some of the popular content formats produced by The Science Talk team, in addition to launching the most popular materials science rotation account on Twitter.


Needles & Neurons - Science Art

 Science embroidery for charity. We know that fabric can tell stories and caries cultural importance. But using embroidery to tell scientific stories is a different level. We love the work by Needles & Neurons by Hannah Warming (Link tree and Instagram). The image of embroidery next to the logo shows an embroidery of retinal glia cells that was inspired by Zeeks artwork. Make sure to check out the Needle & Neurons artwork and designs (Photo and artwork: Hannah Warming). 



Our Clients: Data Science and Science Communication