• Dr. Elisabeth Kugler | Director

    Dr. Elisabeth Kugler is a scientist who has worked internationally with image-based data for several years. She has always been enthralled by science and art (read more: here). Elisabeth is passionate about all things data, she leads the company, shapes client experiences, and is in charge of training delivered by Zeeks.

    Watch the latest Zeeks talk on YouTube.

  • Dr. Marco Garbelli | Affiliate Science Artist

    Marco Garbelli recently finished his PhD at the University of Zurich. During his scientific PhD he discovered a passion for visual science communication. Since 2021, Marco works as a graphic illustrator Facts and Reasons and has joined Zeeks in 2022 as freelancer. He is currently establishing himself in the science visualization field and as scientific digital illustrator (Linktree).

  • Stefan Meichtry, BSc | Affiliate Science Artist

    Stefan Meichtry is a chemical engineer and microscopist from Switzerland. He works with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and doesn’t like black and white images. That’s why he collaborates with other artists to bring a little more colour into this world. Together with Langley Anderson, he provides SEM sciArt and design thinking guidance for Zeeks. Have you ever been kissed by electrons

  • Langley Anderson, MFA | Affiliate Science Artist

    Langley Anderson has a Master of Fine Arts in studio art, concentrating on photography, from Radford University. ​Her work has been exhibited internationally and has received awards from Jeol USA, Photographer’s Forum, Tokyo International Foto Awards, and the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition. Langley works as a free-lance photographer and teaches in the Department of Visual Art & Design at Southeastern Louisiana University.

  • Hiba Noor, BSc | Affiliate Science Artist

    Hiba Noor is joining us a digital science artist with a background in biomedical sciences and a portfolio focus on science, techniques, and space. She uses comics and visual story telling, merged with her unique style to bring science to life. Look at Hiba's portfolio on Instagram.

  • Lisa Angermair | Virtual Assistance

    Lisa Angermair supports SMBs to become more efficient, by supporting all back office work. She works internationally and multilingually. With Zeeks, Lisa supports all things marketing and social media as freelancer.

  • Dr Emmanuel G. Reynaud | Collaborator

    Emmanuel Reynaud is an Adjunct Professor (UCD), Decycle Sarl (CEO), Rezero Ltd (CTO), and member of Zeeks Board of Trustees. As polymath, he adds many things of Zeeks, not the least the science, advice, and strategy.

  • Mike Gowen, BSc | Board of Trustees

    Mike Gowen is director of Neutral Electrical Solutions and member of the Zeeks Board of Trustees. His decades of experience and attention to detail shape the Zeeks strategy and customer experience.

  • Keep It Science Podcast

    Keep It Science podcast with hosts Dr. Elisabeth Kugler (Zeeks - Art for Geeks Ltd) and Dr. Nick Gaunt (Acorn Scientific Marketing). This podcast will talk about all things science and beyond. Who are the people behind discoveries? What do different scientific careers entail? Why do scientist do what they do?

  • Acorn Scientific Marketing

    The Acorn team are experienced marketing professionals, with a deep understanding of the science. Their goal: to help you grow your business and make a positive impact in the scientific community.

    They do this by developing customised marketing strategies that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Check out their website.


  • Hofinger BilderRahmen Tirol

    Canvas and Frame Manufacturer

    The manufacturer Hofinger BilderRahmen Tirol is one of Austria's biggest picture frame manufacturers and is also host to the Austrian frame museum. Founded in 1973, Zeeks customers can rely on the expertise and knowledge from generations around all things art, frames, restoration, and gilding. 

  • The Science Talk

    Science Outreach and Communication

    The Science Talk is an initiative to empower and enable scientists to tell their stories through podcasts, videos, blogs and other formats. #42Questions, #InOtherWords, #MyFirstScience #ListenUp and #UndertheMicroscope are some of the popular content formats produced by The Science Talk team, in addition to launching the most popular materials science rotation account on Twitter.


  • Erevna Media

    Science Communication and Consulting

    Erevna Media provides scientific communication driven by openness, inclusion, and data. We are committed to bringing fun and engaging scientific content that is always based on the available evidence. 

    In addition to curating their website and producing podcasts, Erevna Media also provides consulting services.

  • Needles & Neurons

    Science Art

    Science embroidery for charity. We know that fabric can tell stories and caries cultural importance. But using embroidery to tell scientific stories is a different level. We love the work by Needles & Neurons by Hannah Warming (Link tree and Instagram). The image of embroidery next to the logo shows an embroidery of retinal glia cells that was inspired by Zeeks artwork. Make sure to check out the Needle & Neurons artwork and designs (Photo and artwork: Hannah Warming).