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Together with Acorn Scientific Marketing, Zeeks turns ideas into captivating podcasts.

The Hosts

Dr Nick Gaunt (CEO Acorn Scientific Marketing) and Dr Elisabeth Kugler (director Zeeks – Art for Geeks). Both are scientists first, creatives and marketers second.
We understand complex scientific topics and bring them to life in our science podcast.

Why Podcast?

  1.  Sharing Expert Knowledge Insights: Podcasts provide a unique platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and professionals to share their insights, experiences, and expertise. 
  2. Amplifying Reach with a Global Audience: The expansive reach of podcasts transcends geographical boundaries, allowing Keep it Science to connect with a global audience. By tapping into this borderless medium, our podcasts became a catalyst for reaching and engaging with a diverse demographic, amplifying brand visibility on a global scale.

  3. Efficient Time Utilization: Podcasting offered a streamlined solution to make efficient use of time resources. Keep it Science entrusted us with the entire podcast production process, from scripting to editing and promotion. This allowed our clients to focus on their core competencies, while we ensured the delivery of high-quality, professionally produced content.

The implementation of podcasting as part of content strategy can yield remarkable results:

  • Significant increase in brand awareness and thought leadership.
  • Exponential growth in audience engagement and listenership.
  • Positive impact on SEO rankings, contributing to enhanced online visibility.

Our Offer

  1. Custom Podcasting: Want a podcast to embed on your website? We offer a service in which we can create your content with you, and aid with strategy for amplification on your social platforms and more.
  2. Event Coverage: If you have a conference or award ceremony in which you’d like to cover event, the stories of the participants or winners, Keep It Science offers full event coverage, with social media coverage.
  3. Bespoke Marketing Material: We offer a range of marketing materials, including blogs, technical notes, and illustrations.

Working with collaborators, we also offer video and editing services.

By embracing the podcasting medium, we help you transform industry insights into captivating narratives, connect with a global audience and solidify your position as a trailblazer in the field. 

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