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How we helped ibidi GmbH communicate about endothelial cells.

The customer

ibidi GmbH develops, produces, and distributes advanced products for functional cell-based assays and cell microscopy in the field of life science research.

The task

Endothelial cells (ECs) are specialized cells that line the blood vessels throughout their body. Their role in organism development, health and disease is manifold, and understanding their complex and context-dependent functionality was critical when aiming to write a blog about techniques and challenges to study ECs in vitro and/or cell culture.

The challenge

The central challenge lay in the art of harmonizing expert knowledge about EC cellular biology with the nuanced landscape of in vitro studies. It required a seamless integration of theoretical and practical knowledge - by combining theory and practice, we achieved a narrative that spoke to someone with general interest as well as someone seeking more in-depth information, such as application users. Considering all this, we delivered scientific blogging on point.

Zeeks also supplied images to accompany the blog, which included meticulous copyright checks of published images. Every piece of information provided was fortified with detailed references, establishing a solid foundation for the credibility of the content.

Customer testimonial

"It was a pleasure working with Elisabeth. We received high-quality content, and always quickly and on time. We look forward to more projects together."

Dr. Susanne Seifert, Head of Marketing

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