Case Study Bruker's Luxendo Graphic Design

One of our longest standing clients is Bruker's Luxendo, the flagship light-sheet division of Bruker. This case study highlights graphic design.


The Customer

Bruker's Luxendo is a leading provider of advanced light-sheet fluorescence microscopy solutions, including life and cleared imaging, long-term observations, quantitative imaging, as well as image manipulation.

The Task

Zeeks delivered technically accurate and visually compelling graphic design and illustration services. In addition, we provided expertise in content strategy, slide deck creation, and social media graphics.

The Challenge

The challenge presented a two-fold task: not only did we need to highlight crucial information for Bruker Luxendo users, but we also wanted to make the graphics visually appealing and easy to understand. Our approach was centered on making the graphics resonate with users by addressing their practical needs, steering away from purely theoretical explanations. The emphasis remained on conveying core information, but with a simplistic illustrative style.

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