Case Study Bruker's Luxendo Copywrite Content

One of our longest standing clients is Bruker's Luxendo, the flagship light-sheet division of Bruker. Zeeks provides application notes, web copy, graphic design, as well as social media support. This case study covers a technical note.

The Customer

Bruker's Luxendo is a leading provider of advanced light-sheet fluorescence microscopy solutions, including life and cleared imaging, long-term observations, quantitative imaging, as well as image manipulation.

The Task

A technical note about the Bruker Luxendo software ecosystem required a comprehensive exploration of the technical aspects, underlying concepts, and intricate methodologies. The objective was clear — to provide the scientific community with a resource that delves into the depths of the Luxendo software, and showcasing its potential for researchers and enthusiasts alike.

The Challenge

The challenge was two-fold: to highlight information crucial for Bruker Luxendo users while weaving in real-world applications. The technical note needed to resonate with users by addressing their practical needs rather than explaining the software purely in theory. The emphasis was to highlight that the Luxendo software is user-friendly and its features all have real-world relevance.

Dive deeper into the Luxendo software ecosystem by exploring the technical note.

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