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Giclée A4 Print - Curtains Haircut

Giclée A4 Print - Curtains Haircut

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It all began with the use of a sophisticated scanning electron microscope, a powerful tool capable of revealing intricate details at the nanoscale. In this instance, the subject under scrutiny was the delicate wings of a common housefly, scientifically classified as Musca domestica.

Through the lens of the scanning electron microscope, the ethereal intricacies of the housefly's wings were unveiled, presenting an awe-inspiring tapestry of textures and structures. The resulting imagery served as the foundational canvas for a transformative artistic journey.

The next phase of the creative process involved digital collage and the application of a captivating colour palette. In this case,  a mesmerizing magenta-green colour scheme.

This compelling creation found its rightful place in the "Breaking Barriers: A Science-Art Exhibition," hosted by MSU SCICOMM at Michigan State University. In this context, it not only served as an aesthetic marvel but also as a symbol of the collaborative spirit that exists between the worlds of art and science, encouraging viewers to explore the fascinating connections between the two realms.

Artists: Langley Anderson and Stefan Meichtry.

The Geeky Details:


  • These are images from an ultra-high resolution field emission scanning electron microscope and were digitally collaged and coloured.

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I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.

- Georgia O’Keeffe